Sports class and Kids EQ

Can Learning Team Sports help your Child’s EQ


We all want our children to learn from the best, get into a good school, get into a good university, become a professional, or the next Steve Jobs. Perhaps that is the reason we push them so much academically, and make them do all extra curricular things to get them more credits to get into a better school. Unfortunately in Hong Kong, the large population trying to get into a few well known schools make the schools set up impossible standards for kids, from being great in math to reciting difficult poems and being attentive and obedient. It all has it’s own advantage but the thing that is ignored is the child’s EQ. (Emotional Intelligence Quotient)  

The school systems forget to acknowledge that when children grow into young adults and face the real world, they go through relationships, friendships, handling egos of their bosses and all sorts of insecurities and fears the society brings upon them. Whether that is fear of failure, humiliation or fear of poverty. This makes them find something secure rather than something they would love to do. The truth is, the world doesn’t owe you anything. When you are out there to achieve something, you are not going to get a red carpet and a teacher who looks at your certificates and says yes, you deserve success. The world is in fact going to batter you, intimidate you and put in front of you all the reasons why you shouldn’t do what you set out to achieve for yourself. That is when you need a high EQ. Emotional Intelligence that makes you aware of your emotions and you don’t quit when someone tells you that you are no good at something. You don’t give up on your dreams when you see someone else outperforming you. And you don’t let criticism and difficult situations break you down, but fuel you and make you wiser. A person with high EQ stays calm in stressful situation and is more likely to come out as a winner than a person who is just intelligent but breaks down in pressure. A person with high EQ is also a great leader who understands human emotions and not just motivates themselves but also others.

How does sports and sports classes help in all this? Well it does and it doesn’t. Merely just practicing a sport and being great at it will not do much for your child’s EQ. But having good supervision and coaches who motivate and guide them and make them understand team work will certainly help. I have been fortunate to have great teachers and just remembering some of their words have helped me get back up when I touched rock bottom in life, just by remembering their words even decades later. Kids are sensitive and uplifting their confidence at this age and giving them simple words of wisdom and motivation go a long way.  They need to understand how to handle failure and it is not the end but just a learning step. They need to learn how to motivate their team, how to use the strength of each of their team players. Very much like running a company, not everything is achieved just because of talent but also because of a strong motivated team. More than technical skill to win a game, we try to build their self confidence by making them realize how much they have improved in their particular skill. A practice drill that seems nothing like the game can actually help learn a crucial move, and when we make them realize this, they know the meaning of self discipline and self motivation and how it can help them achieve what they set out to achieve.

A good diversified learning environment is also crucial for a child. It is a pleasure to see how different kids from different cultures come together and become a great team. When given motivation and when kids are not always judged for their mistakes but complimented for the right things they do, they flourish and grow so much in that environment. This is the whole reason that we set out to do this business. Because we are parents too.


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