Private Classes

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Private Basketball Classes

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There are many reasons for private basketball classes, many clients that we train privately have different needs.

-Some because of specific time and place availability
-Some are preparing for competition and need a cutting edge
-Some want to learn specific skills
-Some are complete beginners and do not wish to join a general class because they feel left behind
-Some are lagging with general motor skills
-Some parents just need to get their kids into a better fitness mode and get the kids to be overall more athletic

Private training/one on one basketball training lets us focus more on the kid’s specific needs. Some of our coaches are certified physical trainers, so we pay keen attention to muscle anatomy and for kids who really lack physical exercise, we ensure they have step by step progress.
Sometimes we push the kids more than others. It all depends on the child’s individual capability that we assess before we plan private training for them. Some kids just want to be great in the sport so they can have better confidence in playing with their peers.
We understand as kids, we wished we could be great in a sport and that would not just help us get fit and strong but also to gain back our confidence and in children’s world it is also important for their social standing and popularity.

Tools & Gears :
We have a lot of tools , some latest electronic gear that we can measure the students reflex actions, and other tools that force them to perform correct footwork and hand & feet co-ordination. Sometimes a difference between an average performance and great performance is  just in foot work, sometimes it is just giving them few words of motivation and letting them have small victories to build up their self esteem. Each kid thinks and reacts differently, but each kid is a champion and if worked right it is easy to achieve what the parents and kids set out to achieve. We keep the lessons fun, interesting, challenging and again full of honest praises that will let the student know his strengths.

Location :
Our private training can take place anywhere, in a public court, or private residential court where the student lives. Regardless of where it is. We make things work and ensure that the child is trained to meet his potential.


We also provide private coaching / training for: 
Football / Gymnastics / Badminton / Tennis and Chess  


Please Inquire Us for More Details!

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