Juniors 5-7 years old Basketball Class

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✳️LOCATION OF THE CLASS: India Club, 24 Gascoigne Rd, Yau Ma Tei

課程地點: 香港油麻地加士居道24號印度會



✳️Discounted Course Fee Per Student When 2 Join Together


✳️Due to the Coronavirus condition, health measures including hand sanitizing and sterilizing of equipment before & after lesson will be taken to ensure the safety of our students, parents & staffs.



✳️Please submit course fee by 1) Cheque (Payee Name: Leadership Sports Hong Kong) with student’s full name and your contact information at the back of the cheque OR 2) Direct Deposit (Contact us for details) Please take a photo/copy of the receipt and send it to us by Whatsapp or email. *CASH IS NOT ACCEPTED.*

下方式提交課程費用 1) 支票收款人:Leadership Sports Hong Kong)請在支票背面寫上學生全名和你的聯絡資料 2) 存款 (詳情請聯絡我們) 請拍下收據/收據副本並發送至 我們的Whatsapp或電郵。*不收現金*


✳️Before payment, please check the dates of the classes CAREFULLY! If there is any class that you cannot attend, please inform us. Fee of the class which you cannot attend will not be charged.

付款前, 請仔細查閱課堂日子。如有課堂不能參與, 請通知我們。不能參與的課堂不會被收費。


✳️After payment, if there is any class that you cannot attend please inform us *AT LEAST 1 WEEK* prior to the date of the class. In this case, make-up class can be arranged. Please note ONLY 1 Make-Up Class Can Be Arranged For Each Absent Class Per Month.

付款後, 如有課堂不能參與, 請*最少一星期前*通知。在這情況下, 補課會被安排。

每人每月只限獲安排一堂補課, 敬請留意。


✳️For absent class due to sickness, please inform us ASAP. Make up class will be arranged ONLY with the submission of a valid medical certificate.

於因病缺席課堂,請盡早通知。 在提交有效的醫療證明後安排補課


✳️No Refund Is Allowed



✳️While we always attempt to keep the same coach for the entire course, changing circumstances may require substitute coaches be used



✳️Inclement Weather Arrangements: In case the signal(s) below is/are in force 4 hours before the lesson, the lesson will be cancelled. Lesson(s) will resume normal when the signal(s) below are lowered 4 hours before the start time of the lesson(s). :

1) Pre-No. 8 special announcement

(an advance notice to the public by the Hong Kong Observatory when Tropical Cyclone Warning Signal No. 8 is expected within 2 hours)

2) Tropical Cyclone Warning Signal No. 8 or above 

3) Black rainstorm warning signal 

惡劣天氣安排:如以下信號在課堂開始前4小時生效,課堂將被取消。 如以下信號在課堂開始時間4小時前除下,課堂將照常進行。:

1) 8號預警






Declaration 聲明:I  hereby confirm, acknowledge and understand that all information related to my child(ren), including but not limited to his/her/their videos, photographs, images and/or pictures may be used by Leadership Sports Hong Kong for all future marketing material, including but not limited to print advertisements, television advertisements, website or internet related advertisements of whatsoever nature, and further confirm and acknowledge that neither my child(ren) nor myself nor my spouse nor my guardian shall be entitled to any proceeds whatsoever derived therefrom or to any interest therein. The information provided in the application form by the applicants is true and correct. The applicants are eligible for the program according to the rules set by the organizer. I understand that if false information is provided, we will be immediately disqualified. Enrollment fee will not be refunded. The applicants agree to comply with all the rules set by the organizer. The applicant is healthy and physically fit to participate in competitive sports. The applicant is responsible for all risks and expenses due to an injury that may occur as a result of involvement in competitive sports’ practices and games. Leadership Sports Hong Kong or anyone acting on its behalf either as a coach, assistant coach or administrator is not liable for any injuries or death which the applicant may sustain while participating in any of Leadership Sports Hong Kong’s programs, classes, games, tournaments, or any activities. In the event of any possible dispute or conflict, Leadership Sports Hong Kong reserves the right of final decision. By enrolling and/or participating, I have read, understood and agreed to Leadership Sports Hong Kong’s Terms & Conditions and Declaration. .

本人確認允許, 了解及明白由Leadership Sports Hong Kong所拍攝有關本人或本人家長的課程相關影片, 相片, 形象或圖片均可作日後Leadership Sports Hong Kong以任何形式的宣傳用途。本人或本人配偶或本人家長或本人監護人不會向Leadership Sports Hong Kong提出任何方式的費用及回報。本人在報名表格內所填報的資料全部屬實亦符合Leadership Sports Hong Kong所訂的參加資格。本人明白, 若有虛報資料, 將會被即時取消所有參加資格, 所繳報名費用將不獲退還。申請人願意遵守Leadership Sports Hong Kong所有規則。申請人健康及體能良好, 適宜進行劇烈運動。申請人願意為因有可能進行劇烈運動所帶來的受傷風險及費用負上全責。Leadership Sports Hong Kong或任何以其為代表的教練, 助理教練或行政人員對於申請人在參加Leadership Sports Hong Kong任何課程, 任何比賽或任何活動.時受傷或死亡均不承擔任何責任。如有任何爭議,Leadership Sports Hong Kong 保留最終決定權。簽署聲明書及報名及/或參與本公司的課程, 表示我已閱讀, 理解並同意Leadership Sports Hong Kong的條款及細則和聲明。[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row][vc_column width=”1/2″][us_btn text=”REGISTRATION FORM” link=”url:http%3A%2F%2Fwww.leadershipsports.hk%2Fjunior-basketball-class-registration-form%2F||target:%20_blank|” style=”outlined” color=”brown” align=”center”][/vc_column][vc_column width=”1/2″][us_btn text=”FREE TRIAL” link=”url:http%3A%2F%2Fwww.leadershipsports.hk%2Ffree-trial%2F||target:%20_blank|” style=”outlined” color=”green” align=”center”][/vc_column][/vc_row]