Extra Curricular Activities for Schools in Hong Kong

We are Hong Kong’s leading ECA (Extra Curricular Activities) Provider for numerous top international schools. We teach according to the school’s requirements. For beginners and smaller kids, we teach in accordance with TGFU (Teaching Games for Understanding), where the kids learn basic game play and understanding of the concepts of playing sports, sportsmanship and playing together as a team or as competitors. For advanced classes we focus on skill development and more team strategies & concepts will be applied.
Our ECA programs that we provide to major schools include Basketball, Football, Gymnastics, Table Tennis, Badminton, Tennis, Squash, Rugby & Cricket. In addition, we also provide multi sports programs for kindergartens and pre-schools all around Hong Kong.

Here are some of the ways we teach ECAs in schools

Because time is always tight during ECAs we have to plan and execute our lessons and have maximum benefits for the students.
We try to let students have time to play the actual game, instead of making them do too many drills. Some drills we believe are still necessary to teach kids the basic concept of the sport so they can actually play the game without always losing the ball or shuttle and spending too much time in fetching things. So there is always some amount of drills that are required.

1) To save time we normally do dynamic Stretching instead of static stretching and integrate some skill set into that. So the concept of warm-up, stretching and learning basic skill set is done at one time, and all students get to do it at once, rather than waiting around.

2) We demonstrate games to all students at once, and let them play, while coaches go around from group to group correcting their form and refining the game play.

3) At first the coaches have a lesson plan which we execute, as students show more and more competency, we also allow students to suggest how to plan a lesson, This also gives them a feeling that they are responsible for their own learning, and helps a lot in teaching them self efficacy.

4) We encourage small games and competitions, and students are divided into groups and take turns in being score keepers. Such games are short games and players shift quickly and students learn to communicate, correct each other as well as learn the sport rapidly.

5) As students advance, they are also assigned to teach others the skills that they have mastered over time, this concept needs to be carefully monitored by coaches because wrong techniques can be learned sometimes or bullying could occur as well, but when carried out well, this method develops great leadership skills and also enhances communication and sense of solidarity with in the students.

6) Sometimes the classes are large and could get chaotic, but coaches try their best to keep records and scores of students, just so that they can track their improvement and have a general idea of students development.

7) We encourage self checking for students to monitor their own performances and discuss with coaches later. This lets the students feel that they are in control and they are accountable for their own development.

8) Giving them group tasks or challenges and letting them work together to achieve such. This encourages team work and strategy planning. Especially for our older students it also develops their social skills and Emotional intelligence.

Many times we discuss with schools and understand their ideas and concepts and try to imply those into our lessons. The idea of school ECA programs is to generally to teach them understanding of a sport, to teach them importance of sports and active lifestyle. To plant a seed for loving sports and form a habit of playing sports that often creates a very positive effect when they grow into young adults.

Our goal is to create a positive difference in students’ lives by using sports as a teaching method and teaching them deeper and more important life skills.



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