Our Mission

Our mission and purpose of doing this business is to teach kids to be independent in their lives. This may sound uncommon, but we are parents too and in Hong Kong we see that kids do not necessarily have the environment like other countries such as open space and a relaxed pace of life. Unfortunately adults and kids are both under immense pressure. The Adults are caught up in the rat race and their pressures to pay their bills and rents and our kids suffer the same fate to finish their homework, to study, to qualify for a better school and pressure to be better than their peers. Somewhere in this fast run of their life they loose the fundamental knowledge of who they really are. The fail to understand themselves and they accept other people’s opinion about them to be true. Their confidence sometimes depends on praises they get. They care too much about other people’s opinion. They are also easily shattered by criticism, easily broken by adversity. Children are also addicted to their smartphones and social media to a level that is worrisome.

After all this, they are still good kids and hold all the potential in the world. What we do is not just teach them sports. But we teach them discipline, team work and the concept of self improvement. We know many parents bring their kids to us for them to qualify in some championships, but our goal is not to create olympics gold medalist. But our goal is to give that confidence to a youngster, so that one day if he or she wants to win a gold medal in olympics, he or she will know that it is possible through planning, sacrifice, hard work, dedication and discipline. And so goes anything else they want to achieve in their life. whether it is their business goals, health goals, career goals they should know that if they want something bad enough no criticism, problems or people can hold them back from achieving their dream.

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