About us

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💥We don’t just teach sports but we teach life skills through sports.💥

Our kids have a lot of pressure these days to catch up with their studies and often the true principles that are needed to shape their future are overlooked. At Leadership Sports, we don’t just teach and train basketball. We aim to do more than just basketball.

We specialize in basketball training and we aim to use basketball to create that discipline, confidence, perseverance, and structure into your child to assist him or her to achieve what they dream of.

5-7 yrs : This is the time of a child when his/her visual-motor co-ordination skills will be improving in a rapid speed. Your child will also be a lot more intelligent and understand more complex instructions. He or she is also growing emotionally, socially and they tend to copy the behavior of grown ups around them.

At this age, our goal is to teach the child the fundamentals of the sport and how to play the sport such as the rules etc. It is critical to set a foundation for them as it will make an impact on them in the long term.

8-10 yrs :  They should have developed somewhat of a foundation but still needs more work to strengthen them. As they are strong in their fundamentals we would gradually teach them more complex skills. It is important to have patience with them and ensure that the child is not left behind or is not lagging. Each child has their own speed of learning, that does not mean the child is slow or does not have potential. It just means that we need to be more patient and teach them in a way that is fun for them to learn.

We group children together for special drills and we form many different types of games that will teach them the skills of the sport, as well as, teamwork and decision making.

At this age, we will introduce simple games to them to enhance their ability to make decisions and to come up with solutions for simple problems that we set out in an exercise. Of course we also play matches and guide them where necessary for them to understand team work and co-operation.[/vc_column_text][vc_row_inner][vc_column_inner][vc_column_text]

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